Animal Care & Use Statement

The "Letters in Animal Biology" (LIAB) is committed to promoting ethical and responsible research involving domestic animals. In adherence to the highest standards of animal welfare, the following Animal Care & Use Statement outlines the principles and guidelines governing the treatment and use of animals in research submitted for publication in our journal.


Ethical Considerations:

  • Ethical Review: All research involving domestic animals must undergo ethical review and approval by an institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC) or equivalent body. Authors are required to provide details of the ethical review process in their manuscripts.
  • Compliance: Authors must comply with national and international regulations governing the use of animals in research and other relevant guidelines.

Animal Welfare:

  • Housing and Care: Authors must provide detailed information on the housing, husbandry, and care of animals. Housing conditions should meet or exceed the standards set forth by the appropriate regulatory bodies, ensuring the well-being of the animals throughout the study.
  • Pain and Distress: Authors must minimize pain, suffering, and distress experienced by animals during the study. Where applicable, appropriate analgesia, anesthesia, or humane endpoints should be employed to alleviate or prevent unnecessary discomfort.

Reporting Guidelines:

  • Transparency: Manuscripts must include a comprehensive description of the methods used in the study, including details of animal care, housing, and procedures. Sufficient information should be provided to allow for reproducibility and critical evaluation of the research.
  • Alternative Methods: Authors are encouraged to use alternative methods that replace, reduce, or refine the use of animals whenever possible. This includes the consideration of in vitro models, computer simulations, or other non-animal approaches.

Declaration of Compliance:

  • Statement of Compliance: Authors are required to include a statement in their manuscripts confirming compliance with ethical standards, relevant regulations, and the principles outlined in this Animal Care & Use Statement.
  • Data Availability: Authors should be prepared to provide documentation of adherence to ethical standards and protocols upon request by the editorial board or regulatory authorities.


The LIAB is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of animal welfare and ethical research practices. We believe that through adherence to these principles, we can contribute to the advancement of knowledge while respecting the well-being of the animals involved in our published studies.